May 2015
We had a very succesfull year so far, with some really cool shows all over Europe. The festival season is about to begin with upcoming gigs in Sri Lanka, Berlin, Croatia, Macedonia, Italy, Turkey etc.

Our first artist album is finally finished and goes under the name "Soundwaves". It’s going be released this summer. The first single from our album "Sweet Love" will be released soon, including a very cool "Lexer" Remix. We are looking forward to welcome our fans at our shows wherever it may be ;)

Ruhr In Love

July 2014
A big thank you to all the people at "Ruhr In Love". We had such a great time with you. Here's a little video we recorded on one of the coolest festivals in Germany. If you find yourself, leave a comment...

Responsive Website

May, 11th 2013
Our website has been redesigned and made ready for the use on mobile devices, thanks to Christian Schnettelker for his time and effort! Stay tuned for more things to come in 2013!


March, 11th 2013
To promote our new release "Sexshooter" on Creme Royale a remarkable video using the Tube & Berger Remix from 2007 was produced; this transports the viewer into a fantasy world with freaky mannequins, unreal creatures and surreal landscapes. Click here to view the video on Youtube

The Sunken Bells of Ibiza

June, 19th 2011
Well.. this is totally awesome! We want to thank everyone who bought and support our latest single "The Sunken Bells of Ibiza"! It is really amazing that this release get #1 in all important online record-shops! Seems like it will become the next summerhit! Please visit our brand new Youtube-channel and listen to the preview!

Vuela Paloma

June 15th, 2011
After alot of days studio work we are presenting you the next release-infos. On the 11th of July we are releasing the next clubsmasher feat. DJ Chus. The track is called “Vuela Paloma” (FULL SINGLE RELEASE incl. REMIXES) and will be released on Toolroom Records. We are looking for your comments! Preview soon in our Youtube-channel!